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As a kid in the '70s I was obsessed with synthesisers and electronic music. I saw The Human League in a smoky club in Sheffield, Klaus Schulze in Coventry Cathedral and Kraftwerk in Liverpool. I even saw Rick Wakeman twice.

I lusted after synths – from the ubiquitous Mini Moog to Roland's wonderful System 100M. Later, I bought the best I could afford – a Yamaha CS5, a Juno 6 (which someone stole), but I really wanted to build my own.

So I went to University to study electronics.

That took me to a job at Spaceward in Cambridgeshire (now, sadly, defunct), but I eventually ended up at a spin-off from the recording studio – Studio Audio – makers of the SADiE DAW, as used by many of the best mastering engineers in the world. Later I worked for Apogee Electronics in Santa Monica, before heading to Australia, where I took a left turn into movies and TV.

But I still hadn't built a synthesizer, which was the reason I studied electronics in the first place.

So here we are, making modules for synths we want to own, play and listen to. We hope you like them too.