19th October 2013

You can now buy Dimensions on DVD from several outlets (try MovieMail if you are in the UK: http://www.moviemail.com), or you can rent and buy from Distrify: http://muvi.es/w2852

20th October 2012

Dimensions is still on a roll on the festival circuit. It is also, now, winner of Best Feature Film at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival. That's 5 for 5, by my reckoning.

2nd October 2012

Dimensions has won a fourth Best Film award, this time at the XIII Semana Internacional de Cine Fantastico de la Costa del Sol in Spain. Oh, and it got Best Script as well.

17th September 2012

Starting a programme on the Kepler Space Telescope and the search for extra-solar planets, to be aired on PBS/Nova in the USA. Very exciting.

13th September 2012

Just finished a few days putting the final polish on an episode of Prof. Brian Cox's Wonders of Life (provisionally titled Spark of Life). This is going to be another fantastic series from a brilliant team.

31st August 2012

Another Horizon completed: Defeating the Superbugs. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01ms5c6

30th July 2012

Just completed the edit of an episode of the BBC's flagship science documentary programme Horizon, entitled Eat, Fast and Live Longer. It will be aired in the UK on Monday 6th August, on BBC 2 at 21:00. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01lxyzc

20th July 2012

Dimensions has won Best Picture and Best Director at the Long Island International Film Expo. http://dimensionsthemovie.com/2012/07/20/dimensions-wins-best-director-and-best-film/

22nd April 2012

Dimensions has won Best Picture at the London Independent Film Festival. It is also showing at the London Sci-Fi Film Festival on May 5th 2012. http://www.sci-fi-london.com/

23rd February 2012

Dimensions has won Best Picture at the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival. Here are some pics of our fantastic director Sloane U'Ren with the award - a 'Gort': http://dimensionsthemovie.com/2012/02/20/2012-gort-award-for-best-film/.

30th December 2011

Very pleased and honoured to be sitting on the editing jury for the Watersprite film festival this year (http://www.watersprite.org.uk). The festival itself runs from 24th to 26th February and is well worth attending if you are in or near Cambridge. The closing speaker this year will be the David Yates (director of the final four Harry Potter films).

14th December 2011

Overnight viewing figures for the Alan Yentob Imagine programme (Books: The Final Chapter?) were 1.2 million - second only to This is England '88.

10th October 2011

After a month in a very hot and humid Qatar, editing TV content for their National Day celebrations, Adam has started work on Alan Yentob’s Imagine series for BBC Glasgow. He’ll be doing both the off-line and on-line edit, as well as grading, so it’s going to be a busy few weeks.

29th August 2011

Dimensions (www.dimensionsthemovie.com) is now completed - all bar the shouting (well, film-out anyway) . It’s been a great project to work on, with a skilled and dedicated team who have managed to mix hard work with a family atmosphere. I have enjoyed every minute.

8th August 2011

Adam has confirmed as editor on a major project for Qatari television.

1st March 2011

Adam has completed picture lock on Dimensions (www.dimensionsthemovie.com). Of course, there is plenty of work still to do as grading and title/credit sequences are still being carried out in-house. The Senate is doing the VFX work, which will need to be incorporated, and sound will be married once audio post is completed in Los Angeles.

11th August 2010

Congratulations to Adam and Ania on the birth of their first baby, Benjamin, today at 5.50pm.

26th July 2010

Filming starts today on Dimensions (www.dimensionsthemovie.com). BlaknBlu have designed a custom workflow for this feature film removing the need for a dedicated DIT on-set. Specially written software automatically copies digital rushes to two RAID hard discs, allowing for the failure of three of the four drives without loss of data. The custom software ensures that no data can be overwritten by placing each copy into dated and timed folders on the drives, before timecode stamping any non-timecode (e.g. Canon 5D Mk II) footage, adding a reel name based on the shooting day, and transcoding the footage to Apple’s ProRes 422 (HQ) for editing.

On-set logging of video and sound clip data and the Script Supervisor notes is being handled by BlaknBlu’s custom Filemaker database, running on MacBook Pros and iPads.

Adam is then able to take converted rushes straight into the edit suite and access the logging data immediately.

11th June 2010

Adam Garstone is attached to edit the period drama Dimensions: A Line, A Loop, A Tangle of Threads, the Directorial debut of award winning art director Sloane U’Ren (Batman Begins, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Being John Malkovich etc.). http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1703231