TCTWeak is a small Mac application that can stamp any Quicktime video file with timecode and reel name. We use it with footage from the Canon 5D to timecode stamp copies of the original camera footage before conversion to ProRes, as part of our workflow. We use the creation time of the file as the basis for the timecode. TCTweak only has an AppleScript interface, allowing you to write your own scripts to act on single or multiple files. Call it like this:

tell application "TCTweak"
stamp filename fileName framerate fps hours h minutes m seconds s frames f drop dropFrame reel reelName
on error
display dialog "Failed to Timecode file " & thisFile buttons "OK" with icon stop
end try
end tell

Note that TCTweak modifies the original file, and will delete any existing timecode and reel name in that file - you have been warned!

framerate is a string representing an integer 100x the Quicktime's frame rate e.g. 29.97fps, in this example would be 'set fps to "2997"'.

The hours, minutes, seconds and frames of the timecode are represented by two digit strings - e.g. 10:03:27:23 would be
set h to "10"
set m to "03"
and so on...

drop tells the application whether to use drop, or non-drop timecode. Set to the string "yes" for drop and "no" for non-drop.

reel is simply an arbitrary string for the reel name you choose.

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This is a zipped Mac application - just unzip it into your Application or scripts folder.