FCP to Avid Workflows

I am often asked to edit TV programmes in Final Cut that will be finished in, or at least will somehow pass through an Avid system. This workflow is actually very straightforward, but can go horribly wrong if you don’t understand the different ways that Avid and Final Cut/Quicktime handle video. There is a lot of great information out there on the web, but also a lot of disinformation – with Avid fans dissing FCP and vice versa – so as a user of both, I thought I would try to draw it all together into one blog entry. Read More...

Canon 5D workflows that actually work (and flow)

How we shot, archived, logged and edited a feature film on the Canon 5D. A lot of people do it, but this is how it should be done!

I’m a geek – I freely admit it – but I didn’t develop a custom workflow for the Canon 5D just for the hell of it, I did it because all the off-the-shelf solutions out there just didn’t cut the mustard. Read More...